Advanced Pole System


Back to the Basics

Our exclusive, patented Advanced Pole System® (APS) Basic Setup is the perfect beginning to your ultimate bird feeding and/or watering station designed to meet your own individual needs.

Just twist the 4-foot base pole into the ground using the convenient corkscrew auger. Next slide the Stabilizer onto the base pole and push into the ground (Tests show the stabilizer holds the pole straight in up to 35 MPH wind gusts). Add the extension pole and arms and top it with the decorative finial; then fill and hang your feeders. (Feeders not included.)


  • 48" base pole
  • 48" extension pole
  • double crook arm
  • two-piece large stabilizer
  • chickadee finial

Advanced Pole System    


Are you up for the APS 2 Minute Challenge? Watch here!

APS Baffle


Baffle Your Squirrels

This Squirrel Baffle can help make your bird feeding station squirrel-resistant. Made of durable, powder-coated steel, these baffles feature a tapered design that is very effective in stopping squirrels before they reach your feeders.

Place your baffle on your setup so the top of the baffle is 4½' - 5' from the ground.





APS Perching Branch Setup

Available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited, our APS Perching Branch Setup allows you to create a place for birds to perch and land in your yard. It works best when set up as a separate station in your yard and will help you see 2-4 times more birds with the same amount of bird food.

More birds = more joy!

Discover how the APS Perching Branch Setup works here!