Nest Boxes

Nest Box with Chickadee

Some birds build open-cup shaped nests in trees or on the ground, while other birds nest in cavities (or holes) in trees. By placing nesting materials and installing bird houses around your backyard, you can entice birds, such as Bluebirds, Wrens, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Swallows, Owls and Wood Ducks. Bird houses can make your birds' lives a little easier. After all, they have already expended a lot of energy establishing territories, courting and looking for scarce food.

We carry a variety of nest boxes, each specially designed with the dimensions and features that appeal to specific bird species. When choosing a nesting box, be sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • Ventilation holes to provide release for heat build-up
  • Hinged panel for easy cleaning
  • Easily mounted or hung
  • Durable to withstand several seasons of use
  • Drainage holes in the bottom of the house
  • No perch


Henry Chickadee Nest Box

Chickadee Nest Box

  • Made in BC
  • Constructed with unstained cedar
  • Entrance hole: 1 1/8" diameter
  • Hinged side panel
  • "Fledgling step" inside below the entrance hole
  • Can be hung or mounted (mounting block sold separately)
  • Tip: place about 1" of woodchips inside the nest box prior to the nesting season (wood chips sold separately)




Henry Flicker Nest BoxFlicker Nest Box

  • Made in BC
  • Constructed with unstained cedar
  • Entrance hole: 2 1/4" diameter
  • Removable front panel (flip it upside down to convert it into a roosting box in winter)
  • Includes woodchips to be placed inside the box prior to the nesting season (for Flickers to excavate!)







Nesting Material

Whether they are cavity-nesters or open-cup nesters, birds often look for soft materials to line their nests with. You can help nesting birds in your yard or neighborhood by hanging up some nesting materials near your feeders. You can then watch as the birds make several trips back and forth from their nest in preparation for the eggs and chicks!

 Hummer Helper Nesting Material WBU Nesting Material


Chickadee Nest Box Camera

Since 2015, we've been following the progress of a pair of nesting Black-capped Chickadees in front of the store every Spring. We are able to do so (without disturbing the Chickadees and their chicks) with the help of a "Hawk Eye" wireless nature cam installed inside the nest box! The video feed is then displayed on a big screen tv inside the store. Both staff and customers alike have delighted in watching the excavation and nest building process, waiting for the eggs to hatch, and watching the chicks grow and eventually fledge. Excavation usually starts late-March to early-April, so be sure to keep checking in so you don't miss out on all of the action!

Hawk Eye Nature Cam Wireless

Have a look here at previous years' nesting timelines!


Calcium and Nesting

Calcium for Nesting Birds

Calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds because when they need it, they need large quantities and they need it right away. This is mainly during nesting time for egg laying ans well as chick development. The amount of calcium in their natural diet of seeds and insects is often inadequate and they must seek calcium-rich foods as a supplement.

Our source of calcium is from oyster grit or limestone dust. Both are finely ground and easily consumed by small songbirds.

Jim's Birdacious® Bark Butter® products are a great source of calcium and have attracted over 140 different species of birds!

Bark Butter Bits Bark Butter Tub Bark Butter Plugs


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