Nature Books

Any decent birdfeeding store should have a few field guides to choose from; we aim for more. Introductory bird books, advanced field guides, local natural history, tree books, books about your favorite group of birds (hawks, owls, crows, hummingbirds, bluebirds. . .), bird-inspired literature - we aspire to have the best selection of nature books in North Vancouver. Are we there yet? Come in, pull down a book, take a seat, and let us know what you think.


Field Guides to Birds

We carry a variety of identification guides for every bird enthusiast. These extensive guides cover all of the birds of North America, including rarities and vagrants.

National Geographic 6th Edition   Stokes   Sibley Guide to Birds Second Edition



Beginner's Guides

Stokes has a great selection of beginner's guides for all interests, from birds to bats to dragonflies and more!

Stokes Beginners Guide West Stokes Beginners Guide Hummingbirds

Stokes Beginners Guide Bats Stokes Beginners Guide Dragonflies


Local Guides and Nature Books

Looking to find out more about birds and nature in BC? We have everything from identification books and guides to finding birds in BC to books on specific locations.

The Birder's Guide to Vancouver and the Lower MainlandBirds of SW BCBirdfinding in BC 


Specialty Books

Already have a field guide? Looking for more advanced bird books? Check out some of these books for the advanced birder or someone looking for a little more information.

Kaufman Guide to Advanced Birding   Birder's Handbook   Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behaviour   The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador